Bonus for the members

Try your weekly goodies and receive Cassiopeia money to spend!

Email me your link with your last creation!

Each week, you can create up to 3 creation with your weekly goodies.

Can be sigtag, web layout, premades, collecting, etc...

How it work?

♥ Create a computer graphic with your weekly outlines, colors palets, pattern, tutorial, ...

♥ Create up to 3 by week (one by goodies received) will be add for the Cassiopeia money.

♥ On the page where you show your creation (on your website, on a forum, etc...), put the small banner related to the outlines/tutorial/goodies used for your creation and link it back to


Cassiopeia money?

★ A weekly creation give you 1 CASS $

★ 3 weekly creations give you 5 CASS $

★ Each month, you can exchange your CASS $ with special offers on this page.

★ You can only exchange your CASS $ during your membership subscribtion.
If your membership end and you didn't spend your CASS $, you will kept them but will be able to use them when you will renew your membership. A notice will be send to you a week prior of the end of your membership about to not forget your last CASS $.

August CASS $ exchange:
♥ Exchange 5 CASS $ for 1 $ to spend at Cassiopeia Collections!
♥ Exchange 20 CASS $ for a random (surprise!) outlines set at Cassiopeia Collections!